I don't know if you found this page, but Im hoping your curiosity got the better of you and you landed here. I hope you and A. are both well and I'm 100% sure she did very well in her exams. Madeleine keeps asking when she will see you both again and I keep thinking the same. Ive had a tough year my back has been giving me alot of trouble, I had to spend two days sleeping on the floor because I couldnt climb up the stairs. I have so much news I like to share with you. I know you dont do friends but like i said I am tenacious and I hope you have a change of heart. You know what ever happens I will always be here for you, just Skype or fb message me. The butterfly broach was something we found and thought you might like it. If its not your taste, well just give it to a charity shop.

Have a great day Trace